Friday, July 24, 2015

The oleina trees and the flowerpecker

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker at the Eugenia oleina branch
Location : Back garden.

Male, Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
 In the garden.  The Orange-bellied Flowerpecker sang melodiously to attract a female bird.  It is encouraging to see it and its female partner moving about the garden in joyous fun.  It is a very attractive bird for is contrasting orange and metallic blue colours and short sharp calls.  The female is however of dull complexion.  On this visit, the garden seemed to growing more dense.  At the back of the garden, facing east,  the few Eugenia oleina trees have become a green screen and its coolness and shade have made the place a favourite spot for the flowerpeckers to rest and preen.  
The green screen at the back garden, provided by the Eugenia oleina trees.
At foreground are the fronds of the Foxtail palm.  The fruits at the background belongs to the Carpentaria palm.

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