Friday, July 31, 2015

Colour the garden

Ixora 'Pink Deluxe'

Red Ixora
 Choose a most colourful palette for your garden.  From white, cream to yellow, orange, red, pink to purple or their many tones and variations, just colour your garden.  Colours wake up your senses, are attractive to birds and tell us of the varying seasons or cycles in nature ecology.  Colour is a celebration of nature.  Colour speaks to us of undying love, gentleness of character, goodness of life and a kind soul, bravery and strong will.  Colour is for everyone to see, love and cherish.  Colour then  the Kambatik garden in nature's glory. Here's a sampling of colour seen today at the Kuching garden.
Orange Ixora

Cream petals of the Canaga odorata

Orange bracts of the Heliconia latispatha
Pink to purple bracts of the Congea velutina

Mixed palette of the Heliconia psittacorum

Purple orchid colour

Yellow leaves of the Eugenia oleina

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