Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Need to include the Pied Triller in list of common garden bird

 The Pied Triller ( Lalage nigra ) - Sewah Kapas (Malay) hanging on to the Coconut leaves

Pied Triller in CU
 The Pied Triller or in Malay "Sewah Kapas" was seen in the garden today.  It was having fun at the coconut leaves.  Gazing and watching the insects on the ground.  Many times it scooped at the insects on the lawn and then rested on nearby twigs for a little rest before the next sortie.  I am amazed at the relative prevalence of this bird in Kuching.  It therefore must be included in the list of common garden birds of Sarawak.
The back garden where the Pied Triller found game.

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